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An Artist Turned Biggest Retail Brands’ Bags Into A Chairs


Just in time for Black Friday, contemporary artist Simon Freund has created an artwork criticising today’s consumer culture and our common desire to buy stuff we don’t really need. The piece is made up of six chairs, each of which is made from a different brand’s shopping bags. Aldi, COS, Supreme, Primark, Acne Studios, and Wood Wood bags all feature in the piece, which is not for sale.


“The whole industry is lacking so much honesty that I cannot respect companies that are taking part in these events,” says Freund when speaking to HUH. about sale events such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday. “If you have a good product at a good price there is absolutely no reason to make it any cheaper, unless your products are not as good as you promised. A company I really admire for their work, their approach towards design and general approach to what they do is Vitsoe. They announced that they are actually closing their stores during Black Friday, because they are an honest company, with honest products that have a certain value and a certain price, which is not to be changed and I truly admire that.”


“Brands should ask themselves why they are doing what they are doing,” he added. “If the first answer is money I think there is not much you can do to make a brand more socially or economically aware, but brands have shown that there are others answers to this questions and this is where it should start. […] I think every company should consider what they are doing and why they are doing it.” – HUH Magazine.


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