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Restaurant Puts Fridge In Street So Hungry People Can Take Leftovers


When a restaurant owner in Kochi, India, saw a homeless woman eating from a trashcan, she knew she had to do something. So Minu Pauline came up with a brilliant idea. Realizing that her restaurant, Pappadavada, had a lot of leftover food, she decided to put a fridge outside so homeless people could help themselves.

h/t: huffingtonpost, boredpanda


It’s open 24/7 and anybody is free to use it. The fridge receives regular donations from restaurant patrons and other people, and Pauline herself leaves around 75-80 portions of food per day.


“Money is yours,” she told The Huffington Post. “But resources belong to society. That’s the message I want to send out. If you’re wasting your money…you’re wasting society’s resources.”


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