Japanese Artist Turns Tom’s Most Unfortunate Moments Into Sculptures, And The Result Is Hilarious – Design You Trust

Japanese Artist Turns Tom’s Most Unfortunate Moments Into Sculptures, And The Result Is Hilarious

The names Tom and Jerry demand little to no introduction, as a lot of kids have spent their entire childhoods following the adventures of this notorious duo.

Everyone probably recognizes Tom as a determined but impatient cat whose only life goal is to catch Jerry the mouse. However, the little rodent always proves to be a force worth reckoning with. Their clashes, which would often result in some undesirable scenario for Tom, were a source of inspiration for an artist from Japan, Taku Inoue, who decided to capture Tom’s most unfortunate mouse-hunting moments in a series of mini sculptures.

And while Tom is not particularly blessed with good luck, his charm is evident no matter what shape he takes.

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