Absolutely Fantastic Coconut Lamps by Vainius Kubilius – Design You Trust

Absolutely Fantastic Coconut Lamps by Vainius Kubilius


Artist Vainius Kubilius carefully crafts lamps that project visually exciting and exotic patterns of light on adjacent walls. Unlike your typical light designer, Kubilius doesn’t simply work with metals and manmade materials. Instead, this creative innovator incorporates coconuts into his products, which he designs under the label Nymphs.


All the wires, plugs, switches, bulb sockets and transformers soldered together to shine, but not visible from the outside.


Metal wires that creates a strong but flexible stand for the lamp.


Suede with varnished corks to give a nice feel and look for the lamp body.


Most different thing in every lamp. Most complex and interesting. Lamp head is made out of coconut by drilling thousand holes in it. Every hole is one breath take, because I have to blow away the coconut dust from drilling a hole. So you can actually count how many breaths I take while making the head of the lamp.


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