Traveling Couple Captures Ethereal Images In The Most Unspoiled Places Around The World

Besides being couple goals, Victoria Yore and TJ Drysdale are redefining the traditional travel photography we see on social media every day with their endless passion for exploration and daring to think outside the box. They wander the world in search of the most breathtaking and unspoiled locations to create their fairytale-like stories captured in ethereal images.

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Follow Me Away is this American couple’s exciting travel project of four years. Their wanderlust spirit and a quest to stumble upon epic sceneries has taken them to spectacular corners around the world, from Oregon to Iceland to Peru and throughout Europe.

Talented Yore, a model in photos and social media guru, and Drysdale, a photographer and technical mastermind behind shoots, are capable of making any location look like it came straight from a storybook or fantasy adventure film. And despite looking staged, the couple admits that their photoshoots happen organically and in natural lighting, and the only thing that is prepared in advance is a signature white gown and majestic capes that without doubt add to the mysterious atmosphere.

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