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“Watching the Tides Roll Away”: The Unique Upside Down Universe of Irie Wata

Irie Wata is a digital collage artist from The Netherlands. By playing with space, time and gravity she creates optical illusions that give people a new perspective on things. She also hopes to give people a short escape of reality while looking at her newly created realms. Of course, you can buy her artworks as NFT.

“Using Photoshop, I started making digital collage art which quickly grew into the brand ‘Irie Wata’. With my art I want to give people a brief escape from reality as well as a different perspective, and make them think or look twice. I love creating optical illusions by playing with gravity, size and time clashes. I’m best known for my unique upside down universe,” she shares.

More: Irie Wata, Instagram, Foundation, OpenSea

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