The Best Winning Pictures From The 2019 Nature Photographer Of The Year

A picture of a pair of rabbits bounding through the air has been awarded a top prize in the annual Nature Photographer of the Year Awards. Csaba Daroczi won the top prize of €3,000 for his photograph entitled “Jump”, a black and white image of leaping rabbits taken at dawn near the village of Bocsa in Hungary

Overall winner and black and white category winner: Jump by Csaba Daróczi (Hungary). (Photo by Daroczi Csaba/2019 Nature Photographer of the Year)

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Mammals category winner: Under the Snow by Stefano Quirini (Italy). (Photo by Stefano Quirini/2019 Nature Photographer of the Year)

Mammals category runner-up: Tapir Diver by Marcio Cabral (Brazil). (Photo by Marcio Cabral/2019 Nature Photographer of the Year)

Other animals category winner: Golden rain by Norbert Kaszás (Hungary). (Photo by Norbert Kaszás/2019 Nature Photographer of the Year)

Birds category winner: Greeting the Sun by Peter Čech (Czech Republic). (Photo by Peter Čech/2019 Nature Photographer of the Year)

Plants and fungi category winner: Survivor by David Frutos Egea (Spain). (Photo by David Frutos Egea/2019 Nature Photographer of the Year)

Landscape category winner: A Stormy Day by Ales Krivec (Slovenia). (Photo by Ales Krivec/2019 Nature Photographer of the Year)

Underwater category winner: Up in the Air by Alexey Zozulya (Russia). (Photo by Alexey Zozulya/2019 Nature Photographer of the Year)

Nature art category winner: Happiness Grows in Trees by Simone Baumeister (Germany). (Photo by Simone Baumeister/2019 Nature Photographer of the Year)

Man and Nature category winner: Lonely by Luke Massey (Spain). (Photo by Luke Massey/2019 Nature Photographer of the Year)

Man and Nature category runner-up: White Rhino Trophies by Britta Jaschinski (UK). (Photo by Britta Jaschinski/2019 Nature Photographer of the Year)

Landscapes of the Lage Landen category winner: Galloways Under the Bridge by Karin de Jonge (Netherlands). (Photo by Karin de Jonge/2019 Nature Photographer of the Year)

Youth category winner: Symphony No 5 by Giacomo Redaelli (Italy). (Photo by Giacomo Redaelli/2019 Nature Photographer of the Year)

Fred Hazelhoff portfolio winner: Cuejdel My Lake by Gheorghe Popa (Romania). (Photo by Gheorghe Popa/2019 Nature Photographer of the Year)

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