Mixing Photography And Pictorial Elements, The Photographer Erika Zolli Has Created “A Body of Vision”, A Series Of Sensual And Ironic Portraits

The project consists of images created using various techniques of photographic manipulation and conceptual photography, obtaining images that look like real hyperrealistic and abstract watercolor paintings.

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n the description of her series, the photographer explains: “The whole project revolves around the concept of the body intended as a privileged place in which reality reveals its ambivalent face to us. When thought is able to accept the ambivalence of things, its lights and its shadows, then all the masks fall and we are closer to their reality. The body image is composed through the action because the movement is what allows to join the various parts of the body and to coordinate them with the external world. In watercolor painting this sense of movement and action unfolds perfectly. Its freshness and expressive immediacy depends on an ability to make quick and effective decisions as errors can hardly be corrected with the superposition of another color, since the transparent color does not hide the underlying layer”.

Six images, a naked and faceless body elaborated in this way to leave only the shape of its truest essence. Jewelry by The Godhead Jewellery.

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