Fashion In Early Photography – Glamorous Photos Show Female Models In Victorian Era – Design You Trust

Fashion In Early Photography – Glamorous Photos Show Female Models In Victorian Era

Clothing for women in Victorian era was utterly feminine, and was designed to emphasize the much-admired small waist. Ladies wore as many as seven petticoats under their voluminous skirts, and bodices were high necked, long sleeved, and tightly fitted to the body.


Toward the end of the era (about the 1890s) women’s fashions became simpler and less extravagant and bustles fell out of fashion. The new, looser dresses gave way to a more flowing look. Corsets were still worn, but became slightly longer to provide the slimmer shape that was coming into fashion.

Take a look these outfits from the 1860s to the 1890s through glamorous of Victorian models.

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