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Professional German Artist Creates Incredible 3D Drawings On Simple Flat Surfaces

Stefan Pabst is a professional artist that lives in Germany. He wants to inspire people through his art and videos while showing the magic of painting. The German artist makes portraits come to life, jump out from the paper. On his YouTube channel, he creates helpful tutorials that explain how he creates his pieces and shows you that you can do it too.

More: Stefan Pabst, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube h/t: boredpanda

He does many types of drawings, one that stands out the most is the 3D illusion art he makes. They are the most popular among his work and look absolutely incredible and realistic.

Stefan Pabst uses pencils, oils, and pens to create his art pieces and draws them on simple pieces of paper or even cardboard. He depicts animals, everyday objects, pop culture characters, celebrities, and many other things. Hopefully, you will enjoy the fun illusions he creates.

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