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Artist Illustrates How Doing Anything Is Much Better When There Are Animals Around

Chilling alone is fine, but chilling with animals is the best. There’s nothing better than vibing with your furry friends; you get the best of both worlds. You still can feel like you have company without the unnecessary noise that comes from hanging around with other people. Let us introduce you to an artist who portrayed it perfectly in her mini illustration series.

Peijin (previously here) is a self-taught freelance artist based in Munich, Germany. Just a little bit more than two years ago, she gave up her engineering career and fully committed herself to art. Her decision was supported by her fans and clients alike, so she never looked back. Besides her illustrations, she also makes tutorials, process videos and studies, as she believes that if she can be an artist, everyone can! Drawing is her true love, and she feels many people feel the same way.

More: Artstation, Instagram, Patreon h/t: boredpanda

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