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21 Days In Japan: Artist Recreates Scenes Of Japan Through Pleasing Pastel-Colored Illustrations

From the bright crimson of toriis and temples, to the rainbow of neon lights in Shinjuku and all the way to the distant blue of Mount Fuji—Japan is full of colors that stay with you no matter where you go. So it comes as no surprise that artists from all over the world take inspiration from this to create beautiful artwork of Japan that leaves just as much of an impression as the colors do.

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One artist who makes brilliant use of colors in her paintings is Angela Pan, a designer from Canada. She spent three weeks travelling all over Japan, covering the usual spots like Tokyo and Kyoto, while also including less popular areas like Matsumoto and Kanazawa in her itinerary.

She’s releasing an artbook titled “21 Days in Japan” at the end of January 2020, which features paintings she made during her visit to the country. We got to talk to her about her background, her reasons for taking the trip and where she got her inspiration for her Japan-themed artbook.

Angela has a degree in animation, and currently works in the animation industry. In her own words, she described drawing as her “one and only hobby.” She also explains that she grew up reading manga, which was where her fascination for Japan started.

“I decided to do a 3-week trip to Japan because although I’ve been to Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka before, I’ve never had a chance to go visit other parts of Japan. I wanted to see a wider range of landscapes and scenery of Japan,” Angela says.

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