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Artist Creates Fleshy Suits To Show There Is No ‘Ideal Body Type’

Daisy May Collingridge, who trained at fashion school Central St Martins in London, likes to experiment with fabrics and has come up with a unique piece of performance art. She’s made four fleshy suits named Burt, Hilary, Clive and Dave, all of which are hand-stitched and can be worn as bodysuits.

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The sculptures can be used as display pieces or can be worn for a more lifelike performance. Each bespoke piece took Daisy around three months to create and is hand-stitched together from hand-dyed jersey and cotton, using wadding, beanbag beans, and even sand to provide weight and texture. The suits may not be to everyone’s taste, but most of us can probably agree that they look pretty fun to touch.

Pushing the technique to the extreme, she came up with a collection of art that sits between sculpture, fashion and performance. ‘They neither promote or demote one body type,’ Daisy told ‘The idea that there even is an “ideal body” is ridiculous. ‘They are creations that are reflective of the human form but with fantasy elements and I really designed them to bring a bit of joy into the world. ‘They, just like people, have their own individual characters and, just like people, some people will be repelled by them whilst others will adore them.’

Born and raised in Greater London since 1990, Daisy is an artist with an education in design and driven by craft. Since graduating from Central St Martins with a degree in fashion design, her practice has continued to revolve around textiles and fabric manipulation but has developed into the realms of sculpture and performance. She is now a part of the 62 Group which aims to challenge the boundaries of textiles practise.

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