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Realistic Scrotum Backpack Prompts Unrealistic Crowdfunding Campaign


Some people wear their heart on their sleeves, but if you’ve ever wanted to wear your balls on your back, one Indiegogo campaign is going to give you that ability, for the low, low price of $69.

The ball bag, appropriately named the Scrote’n’Tote: The Satchel of Life, is the brainchild of Daniel Bitton.


Last year, a picture of Bitton wearing his sac received some attention online, sparking thousands of like-minded individuals to think,

“Hey, I really need a backpack that looks like a hairy nut sack.”


Bitton is attempting to raise $33,000 to fund production of the testicular pack, and he created this odd and creepy video to convince anyone with the cash to burn to donate to his cause.

“Although the video may suggest otherwise, this is an actual and legitimate project,” Bitton writes on his campaign page.

Bitton also uses the convincing argument “just send me the money,” and encourages his buyers to “wear it like a man.”


“God created this satchel to hold the world’s most precious cargo: the human race.” – Daniel Bitton.


If he accomplishes that feat, the bags will sell for $120 each, but campaign backers who donate $10 now will be able to purchase one for $69. Or if you’re really feeling confident, you can just donate the full $69 today. The bags are available in ebony and ivory.


“The aim of this campaign is to solve one of humanity’s most urgent and pressing problems: the complete lack of fully functional, realistic human scrotum apparel available in the world today.”

Via Mashable

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