Experience The Fjords And Mountain Ranges Across Norway In A Birdbox

Among the fjords and mountain ranges of Norway’s great wilderness, design studio Livit introduces Birdbox — creating a unique atmosphere of calmness and freedom for travelers.

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With a minimalist design and small footprint, Birdbox brings its occupants close to nature both physically and experientially, offering comfort and framed views across the sweeping natural context. Each cabin dwelling is curated with a palette that echoes the mountains of norway and seems naturally integrated with its surroundings.

Birdbox is created by Torstein Aa of Norway, co-founder of Livit. The overall project is comprised of a collection of birdbox types, including a mini and medi, which are defined by figural windows and a simply conceived plan and will be scattered across the diverse and scenic landscapes of Norway. The designer, also known for the multiple award winning sightseeing vessel ‘vision of the fjords,’ comments:

“At Livit we aim to create products that enable unique experiences that are sustainable with minimal intervention in nature & high quality in material use & design.”

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