Mark O’Neill Captures Fantastic Images Of Ghastly Soviet Brutalist Monuments Scattered Around Post-Yugoslavian Balkan States

According to a photographer Mark O’Neill: “Following a dark journey of discovery through the former lands of Yugoslavia, Spomeniki presents a visionary series of monuments with unique shape, form, and texture.

Exploring the landscape of a broken dream, the imagination brings these lonely monuments akin to those of an ancient civilization, buried by the sands of time. Through the language of sculpture, each site offers to tell the story of its past. The past of wartime events to which they stand to remember. The events too horrific to forget.

Through bullet-holes and broken glass, a different story is told, where the lessons of the past become forgotten, and these beautiful structures then fall victim to the very destruction they were created to reflect upon. Their materials stripped, their treasures looted and defaced, their message hollowed and ready to be written again.”

More: Mark O’Neill, Instagram, Flickr h/t: boredpanda

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