The Best Photographs Taken With ‘Krappy Kameras’ In 2017

Photograph © Kim Kew Shaw (1st Place, 2017 Krappy Kamera Competition), Holga

The main condition one needs to fulfil to participate in the competition is using inexpensive cameras such as Holga, Diana, or Ansco or cheap lenses. Several days ago, Soho Photo Gallery in NYC closed the exhibition of the winning works of the annual Krappy Kamera contest. According to the organizers, their task is to show that using expensive equipment is not the main element in taking valuable and talented photographs.

More info: Soho Photo (h/t: birdinflight)

Photograph © Eddie Wexler (2nd Place; 2017 Krappy Kamera Competiton) Diana

Photograph © DeAnna Foran (3rd Place; 2017 Krappy Kamera Competiton) Diana

Photograph © John Armstrong (HM; 2017 Krappy Kamera Competition) Holga

Photograph © Darlene DeVita (HM; 2017 Krappy Kamera Competition) Lensbaby on Canon

Photograph © Ian MacLellan (HM; 2017 Krappy Kamera Competition) Pinhole

Photograph © Jonas Yip (2017 Krappy Kamera Competition) Holga

Photograph © Julie Mihaly (2017 Krappy Kamera Competition) Diana

Photograph © Armen Dolukhanyan (HM; 2017 Krappy Kamera Competition) Pinhole

Photograph © Gregory Russo (2017 Krappy Kamera Competition) Holga

Photograph © Kate Oiseau (2017 Krappy Kamera Competition) Holga

Photograph © Jennifer Rinchey (2017 Krappy Kamera Competition) Holga

Photograph © Anna Soper(2017 Krappy Kamera Competition) Holga

Photograph © Jacqueline Walters (2017 Krappy Kamera Competition) Holga

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