Photographer Dieter Klein Captures The Nostalgic Beauty Of Abandoned Cars Across The Europe And United States

In his unique photo journey, Dieter Klein travels to remote corners of Europe and the United States to find abandoned cars in forgotten places.

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In shabby backyards and dusty barns, in deserted fields and thick forests, Klein roams strange and isolated places to find once gleaming vehicles left to rust and ruin. From a dented Porsche to a faded Cadillac, a battered VW Beetle to a whole fleet of abandoned military jeeps, Klein’s subjects creak with bygone glamour and might. As moss and gnarled branches transform motors into eerie artifacts, Klein’s award-winning automobile photography is not only a tribute to classic cars, but also to the transformative power of nature and the enduring intrigue of people and incidents unknown.

A fascinating and artful addition to any car lover’s library, and for those intrigued by mysterious, forgotten places!

Dieter Klein is a freelance photographer. A piece he wrote about robots won him the award for best reportage from the magazine Bild der Wissenschaft in 2003. But his true passion is the imagery of deserted automobiles. It won him prizes for best photograph at Discovery Days 2017, in Switzerland, as well as at Festival El Mundo 2018, in Austria. Dieter Klein regularly gives presentations and puts on slide shows about Lost Wheels and Forest Punk.

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