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After 4 Years Of Not Throwing Away His Trash This Photographer Created A Powerful Photo Series

Back in 2011, photographer Antoine Repessé stopped throwing away his recyclable trash to make a point. Four years later he started turning that point into a powerful photo series he called ‘#365 Unpacked’, which challenges us to rethink our role as consumers.

During the 4 year period, the Lille-based artist has accumulated over 70 cubic metres of trash: 1,600 milk bottles, 4,800 toilet rolls, and 800 kg (~1,750 lb) of newspapers, all of which he then separated for an even stronger visual impact:

“I wanted to give an aesthetic dimension to my work,” he explains. “The choice of sorting the garbage gives a graphic effect. I tried to produce a perfect picture which evokes something disturbing.”

In these thoughtfully choreographed images we are confronted with the shocking reality of something we’d rather choose to ignore. #365 Unpacked foreshadows what might happen if we continue to evade our mounting litter problem; the nasty consequences of consumerist society. Along with the piles of unwelcome rubbish, Repessé brings the accompanying dread, guilt, and anxiety crawling out into the open.

More info: Antoine Repessé, Facebook (h/t: boredpanda, demilked, featureshoot)

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