Nearby Train Crossing Gives Aichi’s Daibutsu The Title Of Most Stylish Great Buddha In Japan – Design You Trust

Nearby Train Crossing Gives Aichi’s Daibutsu The Title Of Most Stylish Great Buddha In Japan

Built in 1954, the 18m tall Great Buddha statue in Konan, Aichi prefecture is already a well sought out attraction for those visiting the area. As an added bonus, the impressive statue is even more of a sight to behold in the spring, when it is surrounded by a sea of cherry blossom trees.

Regardless of the season, however, it may be the most stylish Buddha statue in all of Japan when approached from the right angle. Japanese photographer Hisa recently posted some pictures that remind us that the Great Buddha of the Hotei region has a unique set of shades.

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When viewed from the right distance behind the train crossing of the Nagoya’s Railway Co.’s Inuyama Line, the statue appears to be wearing sunglasses, earning it the nickname “Great Buddha with Sunglasses”. Not only does the Buddha appear to be wearing shades, however, but because warning lights on train tracks flash alternately, it gives the Buddha quite the funky aesthetic.

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