Lovecraftian Horror Unleashed In The Murky Depths Of Green Tea – Design You Trust

Lovecraftian Horror Unleashed In The Murky Depths Of Green Tea

Unless you’ve experienced some horrible beverage-related trauma, it’s unlikely that you find much about green tea to be terrifying. Japanese Twitter user and 3DCG practitioner gigigi gagaga (@toikoh9114) might have you thinking differently, however. @toikoh9114 took advantage of of the turbidity found in a glass of green tea to create a spooky scene of alien horror that might fit in most H. P. Lovecraft universes.

More: Twitter h/t: grapee

Using a particularly murky glass of green tea as a backdrop, @toikoh9114 went to work with doll, iPad Pro and Apple Pencil, and the “Procreate” app to craft a scene of otherworldly horror. Things get even creepier with a giant skull and some movement.

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