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Beautiful Digital Art Paints the teamLab Forest in Fukuoka with The Colors of Autumn

The digital art group teamLab recently opened a new exhibit, Forest Fukuoka, in Fukuoka City. It first opened last year, in 2020, and starting from September 18th, 2021, they introduced more seasonal pieces to make the transition to the next season.

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Visitors have the opportunity to enjoy the digital displays, which include butterflies dancing while changing colors according to the season, animals drawn in autumn colors, granules of reds, yellows, oranges, and many other incredible exhibits.

All the artworks share the theme of “creatures living in symbiosis with flowers in the valley stirring with life” ( うごめく谷の、花と共に生きる生き物たち A Whole Year per Year ugomeku tani no hana to tomo ni ikiru ikimono tachi), which also brings us to why the atmosphere changes seasonally.

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