Artist Carson Davis Brown Creates In-Store Installations Without Permission

Carson Davis Brown’s “Mass” project puts site-specific, color-based installations in big box stores and other “places of mass” without permission. These visual disruptions take otherwise disparate objects and groups them into temporary sculptures. The project has taken the artist to stores across the U.S. A primary charge for the project is to make passers-by more aware of their environment by recontextualizing the items around them.

More info: Mass Project (h/t: hifructose)

“Mass is a site specific installation project about creating visual disruptions in places of mass (to date: big-box stores, super-centers, etcetera.). At an intersection between Street Art and Land Art, installations are made without permission, using found materials within the retail landscape. The works are made, photographed, then left to be experienced by passersby and ultimately dissembled by location staff. Mass works are also initially exhibited in a consumer landscape. Printed, framed and exhibited in-stores all without permission.”

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