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Rotary Dial In Today’s World: Artist Imagines What If The Rotary Dial Existed To This Day?

According to Valerii, a CGI Artist and motion-designer: “What if the rotary dial existed to this day? I’ve thought about it, and I’ve created some visualizations of how it could be recently or today.

All math would be terrible! Especially if you remove the number keys from the QWERTY layout.”

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“Enter the pin code to let everyone know what numbers you’re dialing. No thanks…”

“My apartment number is 889. These guys were luckier.”

“Now, that would be a pretty interesting idea. I would buy such a solution. Do you hear those clicks from the rotary disc?”

“Maybe it’s interesting. But today’s version suits me better.”

“Toilet, pin code, rotary disk… Bro…”

“And, uh, classic!”

“What you think about rotary disk? Do you miss that crackling sound? Where else would you use this?”

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