“Selfish Pigs” Cartoons Show Annoying Things People Do

“Selfish Pigs” is a hilarious book by Andy Riley that show annoying things some people do. Featured below are some of my favorites.

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“A tongue-in-cheek collection of illustrations by the creator of The Book of Bunny Suicides features more than 90 pieces of line art depicting pigs imbibing, stealing and possibly representing the worst of humanity.”

Andy Riley is an Emmy-winning scriptwriter, cartoonist and children’s author from Britain. He drew a weekly strip cartoon for The Observer Magazine called Roasted, which is also collected in hardback edition. So far his books have sold around one and a half million copies and have been published in eighteen countries, producing calendar, greetings card and poster spin-offs.

His comedy scriptwriting is done in partnership with Kevin Cecil. They won Emmys in 2015 for their work on the acclaimed HBO series Veep. They have won two BAFTAS, for the sitcom Black Books in 2005 and the animated special Robbie The Reindeer in 2000.

Andy is an experienced public speaker, and often appears at book festivals and schools to talk about King Flashypants and draw cartoons live. He occasionally appears on podcasts such as Iszi Lawrence’s Z List Dead List. Andy is originally from Aylesbury but now lives in London. He used to be the stage dancer for The Pod, Julian Barratt’s comedy techno band which was the forerunner of The Mighty Boosh.

Despite rival claims on the internet, Andy Riley is the true originator of the tradition of cross-dressing at the Towersey folk festival.

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