The Superb Bizarre AR Artworks By Nikita Replyanski, A Technological Artist And Cyber Fashion Designer – Design You Trust

The Superb Bizarre AR Artworks By Nikita Replyanski, A Technological Artist And Cyber Fashion Designer

Technological artist and cyber fashion designer Nikita Replyanski (previously) started his career as an 3d Artist for video games in 2008. Since then he’s working in the Digital Entertainment Industry for 10 years. In 2014 he began to design 3d printed prosthetic arms as a hobby and step by step designing physical cybernetic products and accessories became his main career.

Today Nikita creates art projects in both physical and digital realities using AR and 3d printing as his main mediums.

In AR he’s focused on High-Quality Cyber Fashion filters with custom design and animations.

More: Nikita Replyanski, Facebook, Instagram, Behance, Motorica

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