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This Artist Draws Lighthearted Comics To Stay Sane In Quarantine

According to Alison Wong: “Everyone needs a little break from the news these days. I drew these comics after seeing so many anxiety-provoking articles and wanted to stay sane by drawing out something lighthearted from them. I’ve got two young kids (5 and 3 months!), and I am sheltering in place in California.

Every day I’m so busy and don’t have much downtime, but I have gotten such positive reception to my comics that it keeps me going. People have told me that they are “a relief,” and a “balm in this tense time.” I feel like everyone is trying to help out, and this is just my little way of contributing―to provide a laugh that can bring people together.

During the day, in the various five-minute increments I have, I’ll try to think of the idea, and then in the evening, I will try to draw it up. The days are draining and a bit repetitive, so challenging myself to keep a positive attitude and find something funny with a comic is my outlet. Some people drink wine or watch TV, and I like to draw. I hope people around the world enjoy the bit of humor I’m trying to bring to our shared situation.”

More: New Mom Comics, Facebook h/t: boredpanda

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