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“Namaha”: The Mythologic India In Stunning Illustrations By Abhishek Singh

Abhishek Singh‘s work is acclaimed worldwide for its unique style and storytelling. His critically acclaimed book Krishna – A Journey Within for Image comics is the first graphic novel by a writer/artist of Indian origin to be published in the history of American comics. Recently, for Wevr, L.A., he provided art direction for the first virtual reality film of its kind for Deepak Chopra. He is currently working on his new graphic novel and film project.

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Born of an innate sense of kalpana (imagination) and arduous sadhana (spiritual discipline), Abhishek’s work is a bridge between the drawn temporal and the sacred meta physical. Fantasy drapes a primordial storyteller through the wide range of mediums he explores: oil and acrylic paintings, ink and brush drawings, virtual and animated pieces, graphic novels, comics and art books. His stories transport the experiencer to other realms of the ultimate world, ranging from original futuristic fables to reimaginings of mythological stories from India.

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