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Shanghai Studio Creates Posters To Help Fight Against Coronavirus, Inspired By Vintage Chinese Public Health Notices

Shanghai brand design studio JWDK has launched a series of illustrated posters to help in the fight against coronavirus in China, inspired by vintage Chinese public health notices from the 1950s.

With a theme of ‘Stay Clean, Stay Strong’ and a palette of soft colours, the four artworks are to help companies maintain good hygiene in and around the workplace. It comes after many workers return to their offices after a long period of homeworking due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Each poster touches on a different workplace theme, echoing advice laid out by the Chinese government and the World Health Organisation.

More: JWDK h/t: creativeboom

The first reads, “Make it a team effort! COVID-19 Stay Clean, Stay Strong” – encouraging everyone to take individual action to stop the spread of germs and demonstrates that “every little helps” in the fight against infection.

Another says, “Get a handle on virus prevention. COVID-19 Stay Clean, Stay Strong”, a reminder to wash your hands after touching well-handled objects.

The third urges people to have better habits of hygiene in shared workspaces and offers suggestions of things that can protect against infection. While the final poster reads, “Your hands are your first line of defence. COVID-19 Stay Clean, Stay Strong” – telling us to sing Happy Birthday twice when washing our hands thoroughly.

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