Breathtaking Aerial Shots Of Barcelona, Revealing The City’s Symmetry

Budapest Based photographer Marton Mogyorosy created a fascinating photo series called ‘Barcelona from Above’. What makes the photographs unique is the angle – the aerial view showcases the perfect symmetry of the city’s buildings, shores, and the sea.

The photographer used a DJI drone he received for his 18th birthday.

“Barcelona has always been on my bucket list, so I got cheap a return ticket, and I went on a spontaneous trip to take photos of the city from an unknown perspective,” he has been quoted saying in the Architectural Digest. And the result is surprisingly interesting and aesthetic. This unusual viewpoint really gives a new appreciation of the Catalonian capital, its architecture and smart urban planning.

Mogyorosy’s work has been featured in numerous outlets and has earned him several awards, including ‘Best of Show’ at the International Photography Award of 2019.

More: Marton Mogyorosy, Instagram

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