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Son Tries To Make People Laugh By Photoshopping His Dad Into Famous Paintings

Grant Wood, Oil On Beaverboard, 1930

There are some works of art that everyone’s seen so many times that it’s hard to imagine them as anything different from the original. Not to this guy, though—Matt Bonito has reimagined some of the world’s most famous paintings using pictures of his dad. As expected, the results turned out to be pretty hilarious.

Matt worked on this idea for 23 consecutive days and came out with 23 surprising edits—scroll down to see them.

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Leonardo Da Vinci, Oil On Poplar Panel, 1506

Edvard Munch, Oil, Tempera, Pastel And Crayon On Cardboard, 1893

Vincent Van Gogh, Oil On Canvas, 1899

Michaelangelo, Fresco, 1512

Cassius Marcellus Coolidge, Oil On Canvas, 1903

Emanuel Gottlieb Leutze, Oil On Canvas, 1851

Berthold Woltze, Oil On Canvas, 1874

The Birth Of Venus,painting By Sandro Botticelli-1485 ,1486

Johannes Vermeer, Oil On Canvas, 1665

Georges Seurat, Oil On Canvas, 1884-1886

Salvador Dalí, Oil On Canvas, 1931

Hans Holbein, Oil On Oak, 1533

Claude Monet, Oil On Canvas, 1907

Damien Hirst, Glass, Steel And Formaldehyde, 1991

Édouard Manet, Oil On Canvas, 1882

Jacques-Louis David, Oil On Canvas, 1793

René Magritte, Oil On Canvas, 1964

Gustav Klimt, Oil, Silver And Gold On Canvas, 1907

John William Waterhouse, Oil On Canvas, 1888

Banksy, Spray Paint On Paper, 2018

James Mcneill Whistler, Oil On Canvas, 1871

Édouard Manet, Oil On Canvas, 1863

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