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Ethereal And Atmospheric Female Portraits By Alessio Albi

Amazing radiant portraits of feminine beauty by Alessio Albi, extremely astonishing photographerr, who specialized in portraits, storytelling, and commercials. Alessio was born in Perugia 31 years ago. He grew up fascinated by nature and visual arts but his education and interest in science brought him to an academic degree in Medical Biotechnologies and 3 years of working as a nutritionist. His human subjects is a contemplative young women, emerging from within their natural surroundings.

“I’m photographing since 2010, when I bought my first reflex. My biggest source of inspiration comes for sure from the amazing places where I live here in Umbria, a wonderful region in the center of Italy, and from my mood. I often try to merge portrait with landscape photography, using light and colors to obtain the mood that I have in mind.”

More info: Alessio Albi, Instagram, Facebook (h/t: photogrist)

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