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Photographer Forms Landscapes Using Just Human Bodies And The Result Looks Majestic

Carl Warner considers himself a ‘photographic illustrator’, one who creates something from nothing or transforms one thing into another rather than simply capturing it. And if you want to find out what that means, look no further than his series called Bodyscapes.

More: Carl Warner, Instagram, Facebook h/t: boredpanda

Through inventive and precise composition and lighting, Warner has sculpted monumental landscapes out of a well-built muscular body. That’s right, while most of the scenes appear to be composed out of several models, all of them were actually sculpted from a single person; the images were painstakingly stitched together from multiple shots.

Elbows and knees became mountains, backs and necks turned into valleys and desserts, and the illusions are really impressive. Continue scrolling and check them out for yourself.

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