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Spectacular Winning Images Of Black And White Photo Awards 2023

Absolute Winner: My Copyright By Patrice Quillard

Honoring monochromatic artistry, the 2023 Black and White Photo Awards winners step into the limelight. Esteemed globally, this photography competition celebrates black and white’s magnetic charm, surpassing expectations this year.

Running from January 1st to June 15th, the 2023 competition invited submissions, culminating in champion announcements on August 19th, aligning with World Photography Day. With unprecedented engagement, nearly 1700 photographers from 92 nations contributed around 3000 monochrome images across five categories: Architecture, Street, Portrait, Fauna and Flora, and Landscape.

In an artistic spectacle, Patrice Quillard from Froberville emerges as the “Absolute Winner” with the opus “My Copyright.” Quillard’s lens captured an elegant gelada primate in a captivating gaze, revealing its dominance. Quillard explains, “For a brief moment, he turned, looked at me intensely, and I grasped his troop leadership. An unforgettable moment, just what I aimed to capture.”

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Special Prize For Creativity: Painted portrait By Ágnes Dudás

Category Winner Architecture: Street Lights – Ottawa By Gareth Jones

Category Winner Street: Childhood By Joy Saha

Category Winner Fauna and Flora: Lobos de cacería By Arturo de Frias Marques

Category Winner Landscape: The Power of Thunder By Edoardo Frenquelli

Second Winner Architecture: The museum of the future By Saqer Alattar

Golden Mention Architecture: Segovia By Helena García Huertas

Silver Mention Architecture: Another mushroom? By Hector Ballester Ballester

Bronze Mention Architecture: Oculus 1, New York City 2020 By Aline Rizk

Second Winner Street: Boats filled with travelers By Azim Khan Ronnie

Golden Mention Street By Gavin Libotte

Silver Mention Street: Music for Deaf By Yuliy Vasilev

Bronze Mention Street: Ufff By Manuel Guerra Tejado

Second Winner Portrait: Hands of freedom By Abhishek Basak

Golden Mention Portrait: Mesh eye By Jiri Sneider

Silver Mention Portrait: Gazelle in the Dunes By Michael Potts

Bronze Mention Portrait: Deeply Focus By Abhishek Basak

Second Winner Fauna and Flora: Newborn Humpback Calf and Its Mother By Ricardo Nascimento

Golden Mention Fauna and Flora: Chinese Sea Snake By Lars Oliver Michaelis

Silver Mention Fauna and Flora: Majestic Rhapsody By Lalith Ekanayake

Bronze Mention Fauna and Flora: Sculptural Tree at Untyermeyer Park, Yonkers, NY 2021 By Aline Rizk

Second Winner Landscape: Knudshoved By Troels Bjerre

Golden Mention Landscape By Jean Paul Soujo

Silver Mention Landscape: Underwater Cathedral By Pavlos Evangelidis

Bronze Mention Landscape: Alone By Ken Evans

Finalist: X Rayed By Ashane Marasinghe

Finalist: On The Top of Hill By Zhenhuan Zhou

Finalist: In the school By Jiri Sneider

Finalist: The view By Jiri Sneider

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