Fascinating Vintage Photographs of Dutch Men In Traditional Volendam Worker Pants – Design You Trust

Fascinating Vintage Photographs of Dutch Men In Traditional Volendam Worker Pants

Not long ago clothing was based on local traditions and customs. There were no national brands or fashions. The clothing that one wore reflected the culture of the place: their village, their region. While there may have been less individuality within any given group, there was more diversity between nations and regions; each area had its own costume.

h/t: vintag.es

Weather conditions determine appropriate clothing in the Netherlands. Otherwise, clothes appear similar to those worn elsewhere. Netherlands culture has unique traditional clothes, although people in the Netherlands only wear traditional clothes during special occasions.

The traditional male costume includes woolen pants with silver buttons on the front square flap, as well as wooden clogs, a shirt, a jacket and a hat. The shape and design of the hat varies according to region.

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