Artist Used A.I. To See How Good It Would Be At Guessing What These Celebrities Looked Like As Teenagers


According to Hidreley Diao: “Believe it or not, every Hollywood celebrity we know was once a teenager! All jokes aside I decided to test out artificial intelligence. How well would it guess what celebrities looked like when they were teenagers? Since most of these well-known people already have teenage pictures, we have something with which to compare the A.I.-generated results.

I used all kinds of A.I. applications, but tweaked and fixed the results a little bit using my Photoshop skills. The pictures are, of course, not perfect, because they are still generated by a computer. Some are better, some are worse. But we can still clearly see how A.I. imagines these 28 celebrities as teenagers.”

More: Instagram h/t: boredpanda

Robin Williams

Keanu Reeves

Jim Carrey

Diana, Princess Of Wales

Robert Downey Jr.

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson

Angelina Jolie


Jennifer Aniston

Katy Perry

Lady Gaga

Britney Spears

Brad Pitt

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Patrick Swayze

Richard Gere


George Clooney

Tom Cruise

Elvis Presley

Kim Kardashian


Tom Hanks

George Michael

Mariah Carey

Marlon Brando

Ellen DeGeneres

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