Indian Photographer Recreates Realistic Miniature Brands on His Desktop


Vatsal Kataria, a talented photographer creates incredibly scenes using nothing more than a camera and the miniature worlds he creates. The commercial photographer, who lives in New Delhi, India, came up with the idea for his series while simply flicking through Instagram one day.

In order to create his masterpieces, the photographer uses an array of lighting, props and spray painting techniques. The creative process, however, can take some time, with a large amount of research, as well simply building, going into the worlds he creates.

Vatsal said: “Researching and experimenting during the first week was so difficult – an epic fail for me. But, slowly, I understood the process and started getting better. I started miniature photography with just car models, but I wanted to go crazy, so I thought, Why not make a whole landscape? My mother is very creative and resourceful, so I talked to her and she gave me some ideas.”

“Touch wood, a lot of people appreciate my art. I have gained so much attention and love from across the globe – it’s so overwhelming, I cannot express in words,” he added.

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