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Photographer Made Action Shots Of Miniature Pop-Culture Character Figurines And Various Drinks

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Andrea has been engaged in photography since her teenage years, exploring various genres such as nature, astro, landscape, and city photography. Around May 2020, she noticed she hadn’t used her camera for several months. During this period, to stay occupied, she rekindled her childhood passion for Lego. After assembling a few sets, she decided to photograph them.

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Being an avid Star Wars enthusiast with a collection of figures, she soon began using them as models for her photography. Unbeknownst to her, a vibrant toy photography community existed on Instagram, and nearly four years later, toy photography became her primary hobby.

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Throughout her journey, she experimented with numerous concepts, including the integration of toys with various beverages, from cups of tea to cans of beer, achieving all the splash effects practically. She hopes others find as much joy in viewing her photos as she did in capturing them.

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Andrea Toyphotography 311773539 165102249467124 4756764916770716494 N
Andrea Toyphotography 313229239 871124604062860 2166609628006958352 N
Andrea Toyphotography 314478983 435035712130022 7291342149492497113 N
Andrea Toyphotography 315724574 104182729145496 5702182213281106935 N
Andrea Toyphotography 316706102 145099378277980 6438003588713765038 N
Andrea Toyphotography 318003994 676387444113829 5103430291364274827 N
Andrea Toyphotography 320730743 162643339809603 2171391627261783149 N
Andrea Toyphotography 321319888 1797604517291154 2597140924413816838 N
Andrea Toyphotography 324731497 725577438875060 4492124857307519857 N
Andrea Toyphotography 330848329 126902410299736 103369442428544160 N
Andrea Toyphotography 331821349 159762753521185 6334048862513404732 N
Andrea Toyphotography 333130622 1785825058486083 2035530294462618805 N
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Andrea Toyphotography 336580365 719830783156169 8997525838706934959 N
Andrea Toyphotography 339185624 976180796704278 6175095199687280354 N
Andrea Toyphotography 339836632 133939692977926 3848958269637684881 N
Andrea Toyphotography 339968133 236898528838140 6725727183155396261 N
Andrea Toyphotography 342894559 1264816247802636 896422928352053423 N
Andrea Toyphotography 343729434 256257013486081 293841721169447664 N
Andrea Toyphotography 345247356 6135575899896613 7214456928807676158 N
Andrea Toyphotography 347074517 234122322646611 941583391566892223 N
Andrea Toyphotography 350604167 3520093731572728 6296373274683162671 N
Andrea Toyphotography 353781717 786590132846000 1373616239220475174 N
Andrea Toyphotography 358795029 820002856507344 6051182734212226666 N
Andrea Toyphotography 361749485 1595100347645353 3384905677707588612 N
Andrea Toyphotography 365426091 124628830680140 479849495528563739 N
Andrea Toyphotography 367499833 1109359186708167 2027932667239300154 N
Andrea Toyphotography 376684038 163853106749718 1995860917740224182 N
Andrea Toyphotography 382961673 1050729406097416 9116399190903706455 N
Andrea Toyphotography 390955832 3272257643072056 4360271910768773408 N
Andrea Toyphotography 393490526 208609725586798 6179432404579809171 N
Andrea Toyphotography 400188582 2848320098644456 9181704026335482701 N
Andrea Toyphotography 404039183 318047194356240 2613099068584113736 N
Andrea Toyphotography 408557020 1799528493802189 7974691385048372728 N
Andrea Toyphotography 412693144 887796439645448 8303762332205065564 N
Andrea Toyphotography 418671415 395409946190229 3993613741913935998 N
Andrea Toyphotography 421861270 1582286049240895 3843235659389402542 N
Andrea Toyphotography 428589086 1884550905296296 7784055165555991358 N

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