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Guy Catalogs Hotel Carpets, Creates The Most Boring Instagram Account Ever

The greatest thing about the internet is that no matter how long you have been using it, it still has the ability to surprise you. Would you have ever thought that there’s a guy who takes pictures of hotel carpets and posts them on Instagram?

That’s the Internet for you. Bill Young is a corporate pilot based in Texas, and his job necessitates he stay in a lot of hotels. Back in 2015, during a routine layover, he noticed how odd the carpet design was. So he took a photo and uploaded it to his personal Instagram. Soon he began noticing other odd hotel carpet designs, and @MyHotelCarpet was born… and he even made a book full of hotel carpet photos!

“When a pilot’s daughter tweeted saying that all she wanted for Christmas was for her dad’s Instagram account of hotel carpets to go viral, she didn’t expect it to happen overnight. Hundreds of thousands of people now share Bill’s love of the fascinating, wacky and sometimes ‘challenging’ designs of the hotel carpets he sees around the world.”

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