This Guy Used AI To Colorize Hollywood Stars Of The Golden Age And Here’s What He Got In Only A Few Seconds

Audrey Hepburn

According to Bored Panda user named Hidrėlėy: “Nowadays, photographers use black and white photography to convey emotion by playing with tones, contrasts, and shadows, but it wasn’t always an option to choose. Color photography brings photographs to life and reveals every little vivid detail that creates a compelling image. Photographers from the past could only convey the world they were living in in black and grey. Have you ever wondered what these photographers saw that very moment? I have.

Digital artists spend hours trying to recreate old black and white photographs in realistic colors with impressive results—just check the incredible work of colorists Marina Amaral, Andrea Erali, or Olga Shirina. It’s intricate and time-consuming work that requires not only great editing skills, but a lot of knowledge and research of historical context to color the image as accurately as possible.

I wondered if, with the fast advancement of artificial intelligence and machine learning, this scrupulous job can be done by technology as well as by humans. Well, only time can tell, but it seems like the future is near. I have found this image colorization API called DeepAI that allows you to colorize black and white photos and videos in a few seconds.

I tested the program with these iconic B&W images of celebrities from the golden age of Hollywood. The result is far from perfect and in most cases needs to be at least touched up in Photoshop or other programs, but I was surprised by how much a deep learning model can achieve!”

More: DeepAI h/t: boredpanda

Marilyn Monroe

Lucille Ball

Ingrid Bergman

Katharine Hepburn

Kim Novak

Charlie Chaplin And Virginia Cherrill

Elizabeth Taylor

Judy Garland

Sophia Loren

Elvis Presley

Bette Davis

Jayne Mansfield

Judy Garland And Gene Kelly

James Dean

Shirley Temple

Shirley Maclaine

Marlene Dietrich

Julie Andrews

Frank Sinatra

Marlon Brando

Rita Hayworth

Grace Kelly

Ava Gardner

Greta Garbo And George Brent

Betty Grable

Clark Gable

Fred Astaire

Charlton Heston

Gary Cooper And Helen Hayes

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