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Every Year, Graffiti Artists Turn This Traffic Circle Into Amazing Legal Art Murals

Graffiti artists are looked down upon in most places throughout the world. Graffiti is considered a nuisance and can cost businesses quite a bit of money to fix. However, the world is considered a canvas to many artists, so they continue to create these amazing illustrations wherever they can, even if it’s illegal.

In Eindhoven, Netherlands there is a place called “De Berenkuil”, which translated into English means “Bear Pit”. This place is actually home to a massive amount of legal graffiti art. Artists come from all over the world to display their talents on the walls of this giant traffic circle. There is even a festival held every year called Step In The Arena which celebrates the amazing art these innovators create. Some of this artwork truly is awe-inspiring and truly incredible. Check out this insane legal graffiti art!

More: Step In The Arena, Facebook h/t: buzznicked

This is where the artists conduct their work, in the middle of a big traffic circle:

Artists come from all over the world to display their work on these walls:

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