Giant Brushstroke Paintings By David Ambarzumjan Capture Different Periods Of Time In The Same Place – Design You Trust

Giant Brushstroke Paintings By David Ambarzumjan Capture Different Periods Of Time In The Same Place

Artist David Ambarzumjan is well-known on Instagram. With an astonishing amount of over 400k followers on the platform, he happily shares his unique pieces of work with his fans.

The artist is best known for his ongoing art collection “Brushstrokes In Time,” which features past and present landscapes that are interrupted by tactile strokes of paint, which themselves have their own scenes within them. Given that, the strokes sometimes match the era they juxtapose, while other times, they represent many years in either direction, be it past, present, or even future.

The artist spends a lot of time on these pieces; at times, it even takes him months to finish one painting. Therefore, scroll down and take a look at the impressive paintings of David Ambarzumjan.

More: David Ambarzumjan, Instagram, Facebook h/t: boredpanda

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