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Ukrainians Launch A Collection Of NFT CryptoCossacks In Support Of Ukraine


CryptoCossack is a Ukrainian spirit that has been converted into a piece of digital art. Cossacks have a Ukrainian origin, however it’s not an ethnic group but rather a caste of free, fearless warriors and tech geeks. Avatars represent freedom, peace as well as both violent and nonviolent resistance against dictatorship imposed by the Russian government.

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CryptoCossacks Club is a limited NFT collection created to perpetuate, tokenize Ukrainian culture and spread the awareness about war in Ukraine around the world. The collection is created by Ukrainian digital artist and software development team which have been directly affected by the war.


In February 2022, Ukraine became the victim of inconceivable aggression and continue suffering from the war initiated by the Russian Federation. Despite all the media noise, this war has been unexpected for the huge majority of Ukrainians. Thousands of people lost their jobs, homes and even relatives forever.


This emergency has united the creative minds of Ukraine to resist the violence and raise funds to support Ukraine which is right now a shield between aggressor and the western part of the world. It’s a moment to remind that Ukrainians are not just the bravest warriors in the world but top digital tech folks.


Join the world’s largest social media rally for refugee relief. We need your voices to join those of artists, athletes, actors, and creators – all calling for the world to Stand Up for Ukraine by committing billions for humanitarian relief. The time is now. Let’s make sure we’re heard!

Pledge to be part of the moment and #StandUpForUkraine:

Your donation supports vetted grassroots nonprofits supporting people displaced by the conflict.
Sign petitions, share social posts, and more to #StandUpForUkraine.

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