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“Always Moving Under the Surface”: Organic Typography by Alex Ortiga

Alex Ortiga was born on February 21, 1993 in Gemona del Friuli. He grew up in Udine, where he graduated as a computer expert in 2012. During the S.Y. 2009-2010 he obtained the Adobe Photoshop Certification, and he soon started to work as graphic designer.

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The first approach to the art world was through music: in fact, in the same year he started his music production; he later founded a music label (S t A Y Records, 2014-2018), he is art director of the music club Cas*Aupa and Dissonanze Udine.

In 2013 he entered with commitment and awareness in the world of painting and figurative arts, the same year he decided to enroll at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice, where he graduated with full marks and honors. During the academic years 2014-2015 and 2015-2016 he was tutor of the Decoration – Contemporary Art Lab.

In 2016 came his first solo record “Pass Away”, published for Ghost City Collective, Prehistoric Silence, Rest Now! e S t A Y. During March 2018 he launched his new artistic-editorial collective HIDE, focused on post-digital music, graphics and art. The attention of Alex Ortiga is currently focused on the creation of worlds where digital and physical are intertwined and thus hard to recognize. The point of interest of his artistic research is the digitization and inhumanization of analogical items and sounds, to create distant echoes and artifacts that stand as remains of an ancient future.

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