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The Brilliant, Provocative Trump Ad That Had Cannes And Social Media Buzzing

It’s the work of German agency Scholz & Friends for the Der Tagesspiegel newspaper. The delightful visual trick, which wittily ropes in the client’s product to capture your attention, has scored a gold Lion and two silver Lions at this year’s Cannes festival under the ‘Print and Outdoor’ category.

The cover photo features the elongated face of Donald Trump with the headline, “Will he bully his way into the White House?”

Matthias Spaetgens, Chief Creative Officer of Scholz & Friends in Berlin told Adweek,

“As you can imagine, the US elections have been one of the biggest news topics last year in Germany… Our task was taking up this highly discussed issue, and at the same time inseparably linking it with the actual product itself. So we ended up showing nothing but a picture-filling pack shot of the newspaper—in a way [that] clearly pointed out the topic.”

More info: Adweek (h/t: designtaxi)

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