“There’s No Reason to Put It on The Wrong Place. Wear Your Mask Properly.” – Design You Trust

“There’s No Reason to Put It on The Wrong Place. Wear Your Mask Properly.”

Since the mandatory use of masks was implemented because of the pandemic, what is seen in Brazil is a total disregard for the law by a large part of the population.

Some simply for not wearing the mask, but the vast majority for wearing it incorrectly, wearing it on the neck or chin, without any protective effect against the coronavirus. Examples of authorities, artists and politicians wearing the mask incorrectly in the media have also discouraged the population from wearing it correctly.

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For many, especially for the poor citizens, the mask became an accessory with no use. That is how the Correio da Bahia newspaper, the leader in circulation and volume of readers in the state, asked the agency for a campaign to draw the population’s attention to this serious problem, which puts everyone’s health at risk. That was how the print campaign “There is no reason” was created, which is being broadcast daily in the newspaper’s printed and digital media newspapers.

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