“In Hope of a New Future”: The Superb Dark, Surreal and Dreamy Art Works of Davansh Atry – Design You Trust

“In Hope of a New Future”: The Superb Dark, Surreal and Dreamy Art Works of Davansh Atry

“My name is Davansh Atry, 3D artist from India. I was an Electronics major at college and graduated in 2016. I was never much interested in a job in that field, majorly because I sucked at it. Haha. Art wasn’t my thing from the very beginning. I stumbled upon it by mistake and it just stuck with me. And, i’m glad it did.”

More: Instagram h/t: vapor95

“I have been creating art for almost three years now, started out sometime in 2017. Like i said, it wasn’t my thing from the beginning, initially it was like a hobby that acted as an escape from what I was doing at that point in my life. And as time passed, people started approaching me with opportunities and it was then, when I decided to roll the dice and see where it goes,” he told in interview.

“It usually starts with an emotion/thought and then I decide a scene set up for it, a concept, if I may. I then work on it until I’m able to somewhat bring out that emotion through it or basically until I’m satisfied with it.”

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