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Long Distance Couple Stays Connected through Split Portraits of Parallel Experiences


Korean couple Danbi Shin and Seok Li are two halves of the same whole—even if they’re 6,863 miles apart. Since Danbi currently lives in New York and Seok Li is based in Seoul, the couple bridges the distance by collaborating on their Half&Half photo project. While they’re on video calls, Danbi and Seok will simultaneously capture a photograph in their different locations.


They then put these photos side-by-side, for their shared ShinLiArt venture, to explore the similarities that can be found in their individual lifestyles. Even though there’s a 14-hour time difference, both artists are able to find parallels between their surroundings and their daily routines. Danbi and Seok’s work reveals that our humanity is just as important as our geography.


Via My Modern Met, DesignTaxi

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