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How A Heart Attack Changed Artist Alex Garant’s Life

Internationally renown as the Queen of Double Eyes, Alex Garant studied visual arts at Notre-Dame–De-Foy College just outside Quebec City. After graduating in 2001, she ultimately settled in Toronto, Canada. She decided to truly commit to her passion for Arts after suffering from a heart attack in 2012, changing forever how she would see the world.

As a pioneer of Contemporary Figurative Op Art, her oil paintings offer a graphic quality combined with traditional portrait techniques. Garant establishes herself as one of the leader of analog Glitch Art by using patterns, duplication of elements, symmetry and image superposition as key elements of her imagery. Alex Garant’s paintings are certainly conversation pieces as they are meant to engage the observers into an image investigation process and hopefully enlist their senses differently while doing so.

How does Garant remain immune to the disorienting effect of her works? “When I start working on it,” she explains, “I just start from one corner, one eye, and I slowly build it up. So I only see one section at a time coming together. And once it’s done at the end, then I can take a step back, and then I see it – I see that the effect is successful.”

More info: Alex Garant, Instagram, Facebook

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