Ukrainian Artist Created A Series Of Paintings About Chernobyl, Where She Works

According to Bored Panda member Karina Slizova: “Hello, I want to tell you about my sister, Svetlana Shkurko. She is an artist at night, and during the day, she works at the Chernobyl station. Like many stories, her story is not simple, either.

Svetlana is self-taught. Since childhood, she loved to draw, but she could afford to allocate time for her favorite pastime only during the decree. And her simple yet powerful story is told every day.

She balances between work. An artist at night and during the day, she works at the Chernobyl station. I am fascinated by how this woman manages to wake up at 5 am and go to bed after midnight and raw awesome pictures and at the same time, raises her son alone.

And now, about the pleasant. She recently won the Golden Time Talent competition. I wrote this post to support Sveta in her endeavors, as well as ask your opinion. She has long dreamed of devoting all her time to drawing and doing this full time. Do you think she should open her own store on Etsy or similar sites? Perhaps you have ideas or helpful tips. Please support Svetlana; I will leave here a link to her Instagram. Thanks for your attention and support!

P.S. The photos that you see in this post were taken in Pripyat itself.”

More: Instagram h/t: boredpanda

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